22 Jun 2023

A DACS ventilation system perform way better

”Because the climate in my sheds is always as desired, I can focus on optimizing my production.”

Johannes Kudsk, Operations Manager at Danbroiler in Denmark, produces 3.5 million broilers a year in fifteen sheds. The production is all in/all out resulting in 8.2 crops annually. The DACS ventilation systems is installed in fourteen of the fifteen sheds.

”Because the climate in my sheds is always as desired, I can focus on optimizing my production.”

The choice was easy

Twelve years ago, the time had come to replace the ventilation system in all our sheds. We wanted to be sure we chose correctly before replacing the ventilation system in all the sheds, so we installed a DACS ventilation system in one shed and another well-known Danish ventilation system in another shed. We tested these sheds for a period of twelve months. When the test period was over, we were convinced that the DACS ventilation system was performing best. We saw significant differences between the two systems, so the choice was easy, Johannes Kudsk says.

The extreme periods

During the extreme periods, in summer and winter, you see a clear difference. In the fourteen DACS sheds, adjustment and compensation in relation to the external conditions is never an issue. Bedding and climate is in perfect balance throughout the year, simply due to the functionality of the DACS ventilation system. In addition, the heat consumption is 50% less in the 14 DACS houses – significant savings that makes our business even more profitable.

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I know my animals thrive

Because the climate in my sheds is always as desired, and the bedding therefore is in perfect condition, I know my animals thrive. As a result I do not have to spend much time in the sheds. Instead, I can focus on optimizing my production. The low heat consumption and the well-ventilated houses where oxygen is provided to the birds from day one ensure the animals' well-being, hence a profitable business, so I know we are on top of things, Johannes states.


DACS A/S is a family owned and run business that produce and sell ventilation and climate control systems. We are based in Denmark and have proudly been serving the business for more than 35 years. A practical approach, highly skilled craftsmen and substantial knowledge about climate control is what we are known for. DACS has a global dealer network and operates in more than 50 countries.

We offer ventilation and climate control systems that vastly improve animal welfare and comfort allowing animals to thrive and grow to their full potential. At the same time gas and electrical costs are reduced to a minimum. Key factors that makes your production profitable and strengthens your competitiveness.

At DACS A/S we guarantee you…

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