Obtain The Best Results During Breeding In An Efficient, Easy And Safe Way With GREEN START

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GREEN START is an innovative model designed to address the challenges faced by poultry farmers during the rearing phase in aviaries.

The main objective of this system is to achieve optimal results in terms of flock uniformity, low mortality and an excellent feed intake/bird weight conversion ratio, all in a healthy environment for the pullets.

  • In addition, GREEN START is designed to facilitate the management of birds in the different stages of the breeding and rearing process.

One of the distinguishing features of our GREEN START model is its focus on training future layers to achieve outstanding production results during lay.

The design of the system has been conceived in such a way as to provide the birds with the ideal surface and elements to develop all their abilities and have a good start in the production stage.

In the same way, the chicks raised in GREEN START receive adequate training to be able to orient themselves naturally in the laying aviary.

One of the notable advantages of GREEN START is its durability.

This model has been created to have a long useful life and has been designed with elements of excellent quality and solidity.

The system is designed to allow complete visualization of the chicks throughout the breeding and rearing stage, making it easy to monitor and track their development.

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Likewise, it has 3 levels of living areas adapted to the specific needs of each phase of the breeding and rearing cycle.

In this sense, the adaptability and mobility of birds are also key aspects in the design of GREEN START.

From day one, the chicks are free to roam within the system, allowing them to explore their environment and develop their natural abilities.

Another significant advantage of GREEN START is its quick assembly system and easy access.

Poultry farmers can assemble the system easily and quickly, saving time and effort.

At the same time, easy access to the system makes cleaning, maintenance and bird handling easier.

The results obtained with GREEN START are exceptional.

The system has been proven to offer excellent levels of batch uniformity, which is essential for efficient and profitable production.

These positive results are the fruit of careful design and the implementation of appropriate management practices.

The versatility of GREEN START is another highlight.

The system allows for flexible group configuration, facilitating proper vaccination, control and management of birds.

Poultry farmers have the ability to efficiently organize and manage pullets according to their specific needs, which contributes to optimizing the production and well-being of the birds.


In summary, GREEN START is an innovative and comprehensive model that addresses the challenges of breeding and rearing in aviaries.

Its design, durability, comfort, adaptability, excellent results and versatility make this system an ideal choice for poultry farmers looking for:

With GREEN START, poultry farmers can be confident that they are providing their chicks with a healthy and optimal environment for their development and performance at the laying stage.



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