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When introduced in 2014 the MagFan was a revolution on the market for large tunnel fans.

When tested at Bess Lab, University of Illinois, it instantly became the best ever tested tunnel fan at Bess Lab. After nearly 10 years in operation MagFan still holds the Bess Lab record – and that by a wide margin!


MagFan is the world leader in fan efficiency. No matter the version you choose they all offer unrivalled performance, efficiency, and service life.

MagFan owes its efficiency to much more than just the high efficiency motors. More than anything else, the very pronounced efficiency advantage stems from the aeromechanics applied in the development of MagFan.

  • This becomes quite evident when comparing capacities and efficiencies against other makes of similar size fans.

Without exception, MagFan outperforms all other fans!


MagFan is widely used in all types of livestock buildings, in greenhouses, and industrial applications. Wherever air needs to be moved efficiently, MagFan is the answer.

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MagFan integrates seamlessly with all climate control systems and can be combined with any type of inlets. No matter how the ventilation system is designed, the superior efficiency and performance of MagFan will always lead to huge savings.


Thus, improving the efficiency of ventilation systems plays an important role in fostering energy efficiency in livestock buildings.


In fact, MagFan is so efficient that the energy consumption in four (4) buildings equipped with MagFans is the same as in one (1) building with traditional fans – the same ventilation capacity installed in all five buildings.


We have already proven that MagFan reduces energy consumption by as much as 75%.

The innovative design reduces shipping volume by 75%: we can ship 165 MagFans in a 40’ container.

The result is CO2 emission reductions in manufacturing and transportation, as well as a remarkable emission reduction throughout MagFan’s long service life. That is responsibility by design.


In fact, MagFan is so efficient that the energy consumption in four (4) buildings equipped with MagFans is the same as in one (1) building with traditional fans – the same ventilation capacity installed in all five buildings.

In other words, MagFan cuts your energy consumption by 75% compared to buildings where traditional fans are installed. MagFan simply is your best choice for an energy efficient and lasting ventilation solution.


Photovoltaics are ideal for livestock production because they produce electricity during daytime — just when the need for ventilation in a building for livestock is at its highest.

The Solectrifier harvests electricity directly from photovoltaic panels and feeds this electricity via the MagDrive straight to the MagFan — reducing electricity consumption by as much as 91%.

The Solectrifier technology allows the MagFans to run completely off-grid during daytime, when the photovoltaic panels provide the required power to drive the fans.

Solectrifiers – Main advantages in Colombia and probably in more countries:

Figure 1. SolectrifierTM Operation.


Edgar Orozco is the general manager at Technigran in Colombia. Also, Edgar is the owner of a broiler operation on the outskirts of Barranquilla.

In the spring of 2019, Edgar installed a set of MagFans in one house and that completely changed his understanding about how much impact a set of MagFans has on the overall profitability in a poultry house.

“I reduced my electrical bill for my fans by astonishing 90%!”

MagFans impact overall profitability

I first saw the MagFan at the IPPE show in Atlanta in January 2019 and decided to test MagFans in one of my broiler houses. I wanted to find out for myself if the data on savings presented to me from Bess Lab test reports would also materialize in real life.

Derived effects on my financial situation

One year later, we had MagFans installed on the entire farm. The 65% power saving is significant, but the derived effects from the MagFan installation are also a strong contributor to my overall financial situation.

The gentle, noiseless, constant and uniform airflow provided by the speed controlled MagFans is simply so much better and very different from what we see in stage-controlled houses.

These MagFans are the very reason why we consistently see a much better litter quality and stronger, heavier (2.7 kg at 36.6 days) and more uniform birds, as well as lower feed conversion (1.42) and mortality (2.7%).

Solectrifiers are truly another win for me

One year ago, I installed a set of Solectrifiers from DACS in one of my houses. Solectrifiers allow me to source electricity directly from my PV panels to the MagFans. This direct sourcing brings a much more predictable and reliable supply of electricity to my MagFans because they run uninterrupted if the public grid is down during daytime.

As soon as the sun hits the PV panels, the solar generated electricity starts to flow to the MagFans and grid power consumption drops. Depending on the weather we see the MagFans run entirely on electricity from the PVs around 10 hours each day, and that is during peak load.

My electricity bill has now been reduced by 90% compared to the days before I installed MagFans and we now have a much safer system with far less blackouts, so Solectrifiers are truly another win for me.



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