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Poultry slaughtering and processing is a highly automated process. That demands permanent monitoring all the various stages, in order to keep everything on the move under the highest possible quality standards. A useful tool for this purpose is a special bracelet to be worn by the workers. This enables precision processing for comprehensive digital management in the plant.

By Eduardo Cervantes Lopez

The demand for chicken meat and its further processed products is growing. This reality poses, among others, a specific challenge in the processing plant.

How to manage integrally and productively each of the different stages to achieve the following objectives are, among others:

  • Reducing downgrades
  • Increase yields
  • Lowering operating costs
  • Create a friendly work environment for the staff ensuring permanent well-being during the day.
  • ALWAYS guarantee proper biosecurity conditions
  • Ensure that all equipment and technical infrastructure works with the least possible downtime


Effectiveness of the sanitary conditions of the hands or gloves before entering the corresponding section

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The staff strictly follows the procedure for washing and disinfecting hands. However, during the tour after passing through the station where they brush and clean their boots, some may fall to the floor. What do you usually do? The worker picks it up, but does not re-disinfect his hands and/or gloves. The use of a special bracelet prevents him from accessing his work area, because a part of his body is contaminated.

Compliance with Biosafety Standards, to avoid problems due to cross-contamination

The use of special bracelets, operationally similar to Electronic Cards which are used in many hotels. In processing plants, we must guarantee that the personnel, once they have passed the security lanes, can only enter their workplace.


Because of the kind of work in the plant, many workers are standing. Short breaks are scheduled to allow the staff to rest. It has been proven that, for various reasons, humans do not all get tired at the same time. Consequently, to ensure a relatively stable performance in the work group, the above-mentioned bracelet allows monitoring in real time the level of tiredness. When it is close to its beginning, it warns the worker so that he can stop his work and go to rest. A supernumerary person replaces this worker.

Customized Job Performance Evaluation

In the Cutting and Deboning Sections, the workers perform individual tasks using fixed cones or cutting boards. For this purpose, the different parts of the birds are placed in different plastic boxes and then sent to the Control and Weighing area. In many plants they use different color cards with the personnel code.

The versatility of the mentioned bracelet, allows to control the operational traceability of each worker. When the boxes with deboned chickens are taken away, this starting point is recorded. When the process is finished, it is also recorded. The area supervisor can evaluate the performance, concluding whether it is within the defined standard or below it. He may even exceed it.

Asepsis conditions of the end product

The technology of these special bracelets can facilitate the control of the microbiological conditions of processed products. These can become contaminated by deficiencies during cleaning and disinfection of processing equipment and tools. This amazing implementation is a valuable tool for health control. This technology, which is used in fish and fruit processing plants, creates a link between the workers and the company’s reference parameters, since the permanent use of this special bracelet personalizes their behavior and performance. With this technology, the plant management is able to check the behavior and performance of all personnel. In this way, Human Resource management becomes Individual, facilitating the control of the welfare of those who work in these buildings.

The operational complement is the installation of an infrastructure that facilitates the monitoring of the different machines that are in operation. To achieve this objective, many floors have strategically located lamps that have various colors. Depending on the registration of the equipment, they send signals allowing immediate interpretation by those who are in charge of maintaining efficiency.


RED: Emergency with a high level of care. The process is at a standstill!

YELLOW: Alert. The machinery is experiencing sudden interruptions. Under these circumstances it is not possible to normalize an operating speed.

GREEN: Normal. All the equipment is working without any delay.

BLUE: Maintenance. During the inspections carried out by the maintenance personnel, they detect small details that must be repaired and adjusted as soon as possible.



In summary, all this fascinating technology which is used in many sectors of the food industry already, has among others the following management benefits:

The management of a processing plant has more time to satisfactorily answer these questions: What did I learn? Which incremental and/or disruptive ideas did I generate? How did I make a difference in what I did and said?

I put these reflections into consideration of my dear readers,  so that they can evaluate them and if they exceed their expectations, be part of the new management culture, where “Let’s imagine situations that still DO NOT EXIST and WE ASK OURSELVES WHY NOT TO TAKE THEM INTO PRACTICE”.

The purpose is to offer products and / or services which customers observe with surprise and appreciation, since their proven results, are translated into comprehensive savings. Only those who go one step ahead, will set the tone in a market that is increasingly competitive and demanding high quality products.

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