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Estimation of intestinal integrity in poultry

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To achieve a perfect vital state, it is essential to maintain adequate intestinal integrity that ensures that we can reach our premises.

There is a premise in today’s poultry world that business success is due to:

salud del intestino

Intestinal integrity is the best growth promoter that we can use to achieve our goals. We must work in different ways to reach it because now there is no single product that ensures that necessary intestinal health.


Characteristics of the intestine

The intestine is the most surprising organ because it can digest the feed it receives, but it does not digest itself and can absorb most of its nutrients. Inside there are more than 650 different species of bacteria and 20 different hormones. The intestine’s surface is exposed to contact with numerous amounts of foreign matter that make it in a permanent state of reactivity and mild inflammation.

The importance of the gastrointestinal tract

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The importance of the gastrointestinal tract begins to glimpse during the bird’s incubation period.

It is essential to make a good start with the birds as soon as they arrive at the farm since it has been shown that early access to feed stimulates the growth and development of the intestinal tract. In addition to facilitating the intake of yolk and stimulating the development of the immune system is vital for a more rapid formation of the lymphoid tissues associated with the intestine, Fabrizio Bursa, cecal tonsils, or Peyer’s patches, which makes it the most important organ linked to the immune system.

The intestinal tract is probably the most important organ in the body, with 5% of its body weight, with a consumption of 30% of the oxygen needed by the bird. Additionally, it is responsible for the absorption of the nutrients necessary for the animal’s life.


How can you know if the birds have correct intestinal integrity?

Of course, the first sign that can indicate your state of health is animal droppings.

salud del intestino


The feces appear as a round mass with a whitish coating of uric acid and remember that a chicken defecates 12 to 16 times a day.

Another type of feces is


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