16 May 2022

Intelligent and sustainable biosecurity in incubation

The concept of BIOSECURITY, is getting stronger and taking center stage more and more nowadays, stepping forward in the animal production industry. This may be due to extrinsic factors...

Intelligent and sustainable biosecurity in incubation

The concept of BIOSECURITY, is getting stronger and taking center stage more and more nowadays, stepping forward in the animal production industry. This may be due to extrinsic factors, such as limitations in some pharmacological substances, a growing matter, or customer demands, but also due to some intrinsic factors, related to the production itself in regards to densities, certain emerging pathogens, etc. 

BIOSECURITY is understood as a set of measures, that will be carried out in order to avoid the entrance and spreading of pathogens into a farm/industry. This is a very simple way to understand the concept. 

The reality is that every individual operation requires a proper and thorough examination, for each different situation, followed by execution of a specific working protocol, taking into account every singularity. This is why, from GRUPO OX, we refer to the concept as INTELLIGENT BIOSECURITY.

Of course, incubators and hatcheries are not slipping away from it, just the opposite, BIOSECURITY is even more important in this kind of premises, due to the nature of the process, in terms of temperature and humidity needed for the correct embryo development within the egg, which are ideal as well for pathogens settlement and development, such as: 

There is therefore a huge risk of contamination at all the different stages of the process, compromising productive parameters, if we don´t put the proper barriers in place.

Usually, incubators/hatcheries are premises with a relatively complex structures, or at least, when compared to other premises within the same sector (think about a broiler or a laying hen shed), with complex ventilation and humidity systems, different environments in different rooms, etc. 

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Besides, there are fertile eggs or just day-old chicks inside, whose immune system is not properly developed, and so we need to be extra careful. This is the reason why [register], we at GRUPO OX, propose innovative, intelligent, and sustainable solutions, completely own-designed, that go a step further, providing security of the process.

The first step is what is commonly known as "the cleaning":

For this purpose, and due to the kind of dirt that we will find in this industry, such as organic material, rests of broken eggs, etc., it is key to use a great quality alkaline foaming detergent, capable of adhering to this kind of dirt, for a later removal when rinsing. 

In this step, warm water will ease the process, and will help any detergent to perform even better. At GRUPO OX, we use a wide range of detergents, all designed to provide a specific solution for each particular case. 

OX-NETAL 2 stands out due to its great capacity for dissolving and removal of all this dirt, leaving the surfaces totally clean to optimize the further disinfectant application.

For disinfection, we rely on: 

OX-VIRIN, a product which is 100% biodegradable, with a broad activity spectrum (bacteria, fungi, viruses, protozoa…), of proven efficacy, and extremely safe for embryos, operatives, and the environment. 

It is a highly versatile product which is, due to it’s mechanism of action, non-corrosive and thus does not cause any resistance issues. For this reason, we can use it daily and in every required operation.

Besides, its versatility also impacts on the application, which can be pretty much any anyone that we can or want to implement by: 

This product is also very useful with other various critical points within the BIOSECURITY program, such as disinfection arches, wheel ditches, and boot washers, as OX-VIRIN works perfectly in the presence of organic material.

Once the disinfection has been carried out...

GRUPO OX, provides a solution that goes beyond. One of the developed experiences, with great success in incubators, are the aerial disinfection of surfaces and environment (ADS), performed by our own-designed equipment. 

OX-DISAIR, which thanks to its unique ADS technology, achieves the total saturation of the space, providing an extra security, with a minimum biocidal consumption, which allows to optimize the process also in economical terms.

Furthermore, the automatization and digitalization of the equipment allow for a specific calculation of the area to be disinfected, which makes it the ideal complement for an intelligent and sustainable biosecurity management within the incubators. 

Thanks to the OX-DISAIR treatment, an automatized and efficient disinfection against difficult pathogens is achieved. These are: 

These pathogens are difficult to control using conventional disinfection methods. 

Incubators and incubation rooms have a great variety of different elements and ventilation systems, which would be nearly impossible to totally disinfect using any method other than OX-DISAIR. 

OX-DISAIR ensures the disinfection of every surface of the room, even those inaccessible to conventional disinfection methods.

This option is proposed, as a terminal disinfection, but, also, due to its characteristics and features. 

OX-DISAIR is ideal to perform disinfections with the fertile eggs. These features, in regards to flow, droplet size, etc. are capable to work without affecting the environmental needs for the embryo development, without adding humidity nor wetting the surfaces. 

Water management also needs to be mentioned. Water is always going to be part of the process, in some cases adding humidity, in other cases being part of the cleaning and disinfection process, etc. One of the most relevant pathogens, and cause of ‘’exploders’’, Pseudomonas spp., finds water and biofilm an especially optimum place to develop. 

This is why, within the global BIOSECURITY measures, we can´t forget about the water management, and 

OX-AGUA 2G would be our best choice for that. This product follows our GRUPO OX line of 100% biodegradability, broad spectrum and proven efficacy, and high safety for embryo, operatives, and the environment.

Apart from keeping water in a proper state in terms of microbiology, it will not only to control biofilm but also maintain the water systems in good conditions for a longer time due to descaling capacity. 


In the end, BIOSECURITY must be understood as a global process, constituting one of the pillars for a successful production. 

GRUPO OX, as an innovative company, provides with efficient and sustainable solutions, which are going on a differentiating working path, granting the absence of any toxic residue and a maximum respect for the environment, the animals and the operatives without compromising the economical benefits of the global process. 

BIOSECURITY managed in an intelligent and sustainable way is not an expense, it is a very profitable investment that will originate plenty of benefits, always superior to the cost, when it is applied in a proper way in regards to protocols and products.

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