Key points in the broiler turkey hatchery process

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With the constant genetic improvement and the increasingly frequent housing of heavy turkey lines, the incubation process must go through reviews of all its stages, adapting or correcting its process and procedures to these changes. Then it is possible to achieve the best hatching rates and quality of day-old birds, thus allowing for a good performance and reducing the cost of production.

The hatchery is a crucial part of the turkey production chain, which processes the “raw material” from the breeder farm. It will be transformed into a bird with characteristics that will define a large part of its productive potential in the field, which is where most of the cost share of the chain lies.

The main quality characteristics of this “raw material” are:

  • Pollution degree;
  • Eggshell quality;
  • Lack of defects;
  • Fertility;
  • Embryonic development;
  • Storage and transportation.

Quality of the received eggs

Degree of contamination – The eggs are expected to arrive at the hatchery free of contamination. But the real situation is only perceived during the incubation process, with the appearance of “popped eggs,” bad odor in the rooms and inside the machines, in the candling analysis, and at the times of birth or mortality in the field.

The degree of contamination within the hatchery is directly related to the level of contamination in these eggs. On the other hand, the hatchery also must not increase the degree of contamination already received and, above all, not pass this contamination on to another batch or another source.

Instances of egg flocks with a high degree of contamination arriving from specific farms can compromise the entire hatchery production. For this reason, an

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