27 Jul 2023

NuxaFen®: Cost-effective antioxidant innovation for animal nutrition

NuxaFen® can bring significant benefits to the poultry industry. Try NuxaFen® and discover the benefits of advanced, natural nutrition.

The search for natural and efficient alternatives in animal nutrition has gained increasing prominence. In this context, Nuproxa Brasil, a company specialized in natural solutions for animal nutrition and health, presents to the Brazilian market NuxaFen®, an innovative product that offers great benefits in poultry and swine production. Derived from dried grape extract, NuxaFen® is rich in high quality polyphenols, including proanthocyanidins, which give the product a superior antioxidant capacity compared to synthetic vitamin E.

Synthetic vitamin E is widely used in feed formulation, both to meet the physiological needs of animals and for its antioxidant effect. However, its high cost often restricts its use as an antioxidant additive, compromising feed quality. With NuxaFen®, it is possible to partially replace synthetic vitamin E as a nutritional requirement, and even replace it completely as an antioxidant additive, providing not only balanced nutrition for the animals, but also a significant reduction in formulation costs.

In addition to the economic benefits, the polyphenols present in NuxaFen® have been recognized for their effectiveness in mitigating the effects of oxidative stress, contributing to the improvement of productive, reproductive and meat quality parameters in animals fed this innovative product.

Scientifically proven effectiveness

Recently, a study conducted by the renowned research service ZOOTEST* in Ploufragan, France, evaluated the ability of NuxaFen® to partially or fully replace synthetic vitamin E in broiler diets. The experiment, which involved 1020 chicks of the ROSS-308 strain (100% male) for 42 days, revealed surprising results. Chickens fed challenge diets containing NuxaFen® achieved a similar body weight to those fed synthetic vitamin E, both in partial and total replacement. Moreover, no significant differences were observed in the zootechnical performance of the animals, such as feed conversion ratio and antioxidant status.

Importantly, the study also considered diets with high levels of polyunsaturated fatty acids, iron and metabolizable energy, putting the animals' antioxidant system to the test. Even under these challenging conditions, NuxaFen® demonstrated its effectiveness in preserving the performance and health of the birds.

Based on these findings, it is evident that NuxaFen® can bring significant benefits to the poultry industry by offering a sustainable and natural alternative to synthetic vitamin E. NuxaFen® also provides comprehensive antioxidant protection. In addition, the polyphenols present in NuxaFen® provide comprehensive antioxidant protection, contributing to animal health and welfare.

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With the introduction of NuxaFen® in the Brazilian market, Nuproxa Brasil reaffirms its commitment to provide innovative and natural solutions for the animal industry. "We believe that NuxaFen® will be a strategic differentiator for producers, providing quality nutrition, improving animal performance and boosting business profitability," says Homero Borin, Vice President of LATAM Business at Nuproxa.

Try NuxaFen® and discover the benefits of advanced, natural nutrition.

Contact Nuproxa Brazil:

Jonivan Paloschi - Technical and Marketing Manager

[email protected]


Dewez et al. (2022). Comparative effect of partial vitamin E replacement with dry grape seed extract (Vitis Vinifera spp. Vinifera) on broiler performance and antioxidant status under stress conditions. World Poultry Congress, Paris.

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